Friday, 2 December 2016

Year 2 Bog Baby artwork

Children in Year 2 visited the art room to create work inspired by a story they have been reading in class, called 'The Bog Baby' by Jeanne Willis and Gwen Millward.

The children were already familiar with the text and had also visited our outdoor learning area to locate 'Bog Babies' and find out about different habitats. In the art room we looked at some of the illustrations in the book for inspiration.

Some children worked in groups to create the Bog Baby, they used blue resources to create a collage. Teamwork and cooperation were needed during this task, as it can often be tricky to produce art as a group. 
The children were encouraged to use different lines, shapes and textures in their work.

Another group of children were inspired by the shells in the book. We used pens to create different shell shapes, being careful to add detail with fine paintbrushes and watercolours once we had finished.

The final group of children chose to look at the different types of plants that were found in the illustrations.

 The children used different art media to create curling ferns and cow parsley, being careful to add detail to their work.

The children worked incredibly hard and can't wait to see their artwork on display in their classrooms.

Abstract landscapes inspired by David Hockney

We used ink and POSCA pens to create an abstract landscape, inspired by the work of local, significant artist, David Hockney. We began by creating a sketchbook page of inspiration where we tested different art materials and worked on creating our initial design.

We then used our sketchbook work to inspire our final abstract image. We used A3 paper and ink to create a vibrant landscape, adding detail once the ink had dried with POSCA pens.

Here is a selection of our finished work:


We then used our inked, abstract landscapes to inspire a piece of creative writing. We brainstormed a list of words to use within a setting description and used our sketchbooks to collect ideas and edit sentences.

Once we had edited our work (green for great, orange for areas that need improving and purple for our corrections) we started writing a final piece of work to be displayed alongside our artwork.
Here are some examples of our creative writing (uncorrected)

Majesticly , the turquoise ocean glistened as I meandered through the scrawny, golden sand; the powerful waves frantically cascaded onto the heavenly beach where the breathtaking mountains towered up above. Eventually, the shimmering tide made its way onto the paradise-like surface as ilusional salt flats produced a fine, bitter mineral. Spectacualary, the elegant waterfall released a chilled liquid with tranquil 'splash'. "How magnificent that view is!" I muttered to my stunned companion - who was staring at awe-inspiring scene. Winsome birds soared above, flashing their exquisite wings - that kept them from tumbling to the regal ground that was teeming with moist grass. Amazingly, the inspirational landscape held: an unbelievably perfect sea; exactly what you need to cool down, heated, soft sand; bang-on for sunbathing, melodious mountains; the utter best for feasting your eyes, magic waterfall; perfect, pattering background music, wonderful grass; awesome to walk on, finally a swaying breeze and the delicate sun; two contrasting elements that create a wonderful temperature; what more could you ask for? Out of the blue, it occurred to me that every, single breath of clear, mild refreshing air (that elegantly dances across the dreamy mountain) I took that I relaxed even more and that it was almost as if I was in a dream, was I?...

Woody - Year 6

Simultainiously, the sun light shone at the dawn of a fantastic, new day. I meandered through the lavender mountain; there were river sides as stripped as grilled steak, corn fields as yellow as a bright, beautiful banana and the bay as delicate as a poppy: my view was amazing! Swiftly, I rapidly sprinted to the river, meanwhile the lovely sun shone brightly down on the sandy, elaborate bay; the river glistened figuratively. The salt flats glimmered glamorously, each flat gingerly placed to make rectangular perfection. The weather was immaculate; the sun shone vibrantly all day and not one grumpy, grey cloud passed by. I took a wiff; shockingly the glorious smell of sea salt reminded me of my fun, younger days in old, Whitby town! As I lethargically walked down to the glimmering bay, I felt at home - even though I was on this amazing holiday - the cool breeze on my face gently swayed the petite green shoots. "aaahh." I sighed, was this a dream? I felt relaxed and free from the wonderful world of colour! The shadow on the mountains created a purply colour (as purple as lavender), my view was amazing...

Georgia - Year 6

Glittering sun beams shone down on me as I meandered through the broccoli-like hills, the sweet smell of freshly grown orange trees met my nose, sun beams blinded me with surprise, as the clouds parted showing a river of sparkling water. Bending down, I took a gulp of awe-inspiring water. Surprisingly a little, exquisite fish jumped up to the surface, splashing the cold, icy feeling of the river on my face. Filling my mouth with this awe-inspiring water made me feel one hundred percent better. Is this a dream?  My feet led me on till and edge of a mountain appeared. The mountain was as purple as a plum and smelled as sweet as lavender, the fragrance was so overpowering I had to wander on. Golden sand met my feet. Before I knew it they were completely blocked from view. I layed down on the blazing sand and looked up at the luminous blue sky. Snow-white clouds danced around in the light making me feel drowsy. But the drowsiness stopped quickly, as I felt a cool, icy feeling wash over my feet and up to my knees. White horses ran up the sand signally the tide was coming in. I ran up the banana hill, ignoring the daffodils flicking to my wet legs and feet. The top of the hill was a complete eye sore. From then on there was only the white and grey colours of the salt flats!

Maisy - Year 6