Friday, 21 October 2016

KS2 artclub with Mike Barrett

Children in KS2 attended an afterschool art club with local digital artist, Mike Barrett. We looked at some of Mike's artwork, as inspiration, before we began planning our own pictures. First we used digital cameras to take our portraits.

We then used black ink pens to create line drawings of our portraits. Some children added extra lines to create an abstract feel to their work.

Once we were happy with our portrait, we added block colour, using vibrant ink.

The finished inked drawings look wonderful.
But we didn't stop there...

We scanned our inked portraits into the computer and uploaded the image into Dazzle3. We then used various tools to create a digital masterpiece in the style of Mike's work.
We created a background, using various scanned images: bubble wrap, coffee cup stains and even paint splashes!

Here are some of our finished, digital pieces.


Year 1 explore colours in Sketchbooks

Children in Year 1 visited the Art Room this morning to learn about warm and cold colours. They all brought their sketchbooks with them to record their learning journey. To begin with, we talked about our favourite colours and discussed which colours were warm or cold. We then looked at a colour wheel and created a warm and a cold colour page in our sketchbook.

After looking at a range of landscape paintings, we played a sorting game. We decided whether we were going to stick them onto our warm or cold colour page, by looking at the range of colours in the paintings.

Next we added words to our sketchbook pages.
Which words could be added to the warm page? The children thought of some wonderful words and tried to spell them independently: sun, red, hot, orange.
We then thought of words that we could add to our cold page: ice, blue, winter, snow.

During the next part of the lesson, we learnt about different paints. First we used watercolours; we tested the paints, carefully deciding which page to test them on.
If we used the right amount of water, the paint would glide across the page.

Next we used powder paints. We remembered the phrase "Dip, Dab, Do" to help turn the powder into paint and mixed different colours into a palette. Again we tested the paints, thinking carefully about which page we wanted to use to record our colours.

We learnt how to share the equipment and work carefully with other children on our table.

Our sketchbooks looked fantastic at the end of the lesson; the pages were vibrant and displayed our learning.
What a busy, cross curricular lesson, learning about:
* Warm and cold colours
* Sorting into two categories
* Different landscapes
* Letter formation and spelling
* Mixing different paint
* Recording and using sketchbooks

Well done, Year 1. We are looking forward to your next visit to the art room.