Friday, 17 February 2017

Monoprinting with Year 2

Children in Year 2 have learning about Andy Warhol and his colourful screen printed work. During their classroom sessions they have learnt about his life and work and have recreated some of his famous pictures using a variety of art media. Children have even worked at home with their parents to create some Warhol inspired images.

The Year 2 classes visited the art room to learn more about the different printing processes that can be used to create images. We watched videos of Andy Warhol creating his screen prints and watched Mrs Barrett demonstrate the technique using a thermofax screen.

The children then looked at monoprinting and discussed the differences in techniques. After watching a demonstration, the children used photocopies of famous people to create their own monoprint.

We masking taped the picture onto our paper to keep it in place and used a roller to place a thin layer of black ink onto a piece of acetate. The inked acetate was then placed under our paper.

We used a biro pen to trace on top of the photograph. This needed a steady hand and was a great way to develop our hand - eye coordination.

All the children were incredibly excited to reveal their print once the drawing had been completed. The look of pride on their faces was truly wonderful. It was also lovely to see proud Year 2 teachers too, who had joined in with the session as part of their CPD.

We had an interesting discussion about who John Lennon was - not Harry Potter as most of the children originally thought.

 Well done, Year 2!

I think next year we will create some thermofax images of famous people and compare both processes.

Friday, 3 February 2017

Year 6 weaving with creative writing

Children in Year 6 have been working creatively in the art room, linking their learning to a Science topic. They have researched different types of habitats within class, using maps to locate where certain areas are around the world. We have used this theme as inspiration to create some wonderful woven landscapes.

We began creating initial designs in our sketchbooks. Using colours placed in horizontal lines. These represented the weft of the woven design. We considered the colours that could be used to represent different seasons, climates, times of year etc. then we began sourcing the fabric or wool we wanted to use.

We used many different skills: measuring, weaving, cutting, selecting materials to create our woven landscape. 

Weaving needles were used to weave the smaller sections.
It was a challenge to thread them.

Once the woven background was complete we added detail.
Cutting leather was more difficult than we thought.

We then used our woven landscapes to inspire a piece of creative writing. We imagined jumping into the settings we had created and used our many literacy skills to construct a piece of descriptive writing.

We then creatively edited our descriptive paragraph using the three colours set out in our school marking policy.
Green = something to be proud of
Orange = things to improve
Purple = corrections / improvements made

"I find it easier to describe a setting that I have created because I can imagine every detail"


We also learnt how to blend oil pastels together to create vibrant landscapes inspired by our weaving.
We used masking tape to create a straight edge to our work.

More editing and re-editing before our short stories are ready to be written into neat.

The Year 6 children have thoroughly enjoyed this project and have discovered many new skills.