Friday, 6 January 2017

Aleppo - What would Banksy do?

Year 6 have been learning about the work of the infamous street artist, Banksy. We found looking at his work and learning about his quest for anonymity fascinating.
Here are some of the works we spent time discussing with our peers. The children looked carefully at the messages within the artwork and discussed the possible meanings. Banksy sometimes adds quotes and phrases to his artwork to encourage the viewer to think.

What is Banksy encouraging us to think about?

We then looked at age appropriate images of the current crisis in Aleppo and discussed what we had seen and heard on the news. The children were incredibly sympathetic when discussing the issues and asked many thought provoking questions. We linked this work to British Values and themes we have been discussing with PSHE sessions.

We then asked ourselves the question:

Aleppo - What would Banksy do?

Using images from the news and media, we worked in our sketchbooks to produce some preliminary sketches.
We also discussed possible slogans and phrases that could be used alongside our sketches to convey messages to the viewer.

Some children used the trace and transfer method to convert  images from photographs into sketches and ideas within their books. Many chose to keep the images simple, considering Banksy's stencil techniques.

The children enjoyed this session and it was great to hear them discussing such an important issue with empathy and understanding.

Art can indeed be truly powerful!

Friday, 9 December 2016

Coming Home - Waitrose advert

Children in Year 2 have been looking at the Waitrose Christmas advert and accompanying story, writtern by Michael Morpurgo in their English sessions. We looked carefully at the illustrations by Kerry Hyndman and discussed how the images linked to the text. We then split the story up into eight sections.,204,203,200_.jpg 

Four children worked together with a section of the story. They were given a copy of the book to work from and spent time discussing the text and illustrations. They then decided how they were going to represent the story on a large piece of white card.

Paint was used to create the background. We squeezed paint straight onto the card, then used brushes and sponges to create different effects. 
We looked carefully at the original illustrations and tried to recreate a similar feel within our own artwork. 

Once the background had been created we moved onto the objects we could see in the foreground. We used fineliners, pencils and biro pens to draw our images onto tracing paper and white paper, adding colour where needed.
These images were then carefully cut out and placed on top of our backgrounds.

The children worked incredibly well in their groups and were able to debate different ideas and come to compromises if there were differences in opinions.

In the afternoon another class of Year 2 children came to finish off the images. They looked carefully at the backgrounds, characters and objects and discussed how they related to the story. They then discussed how the pictures could be developed further using text from the story.
We used sponge letters, pasta letters and tracing paper sentences to add typography to our illustrations. Children circled words, phrases and sentences from the story that they wanted to include and worked together to produce the words.

The finished artworks look stunning and tell the story of the Robin's journey home very well. The children and staff are all incredibly proud of their work.

A fabulous stormy sea and sky!

We will be displaying this work in the KS1 cloakroom for all to enjoy.

Friday, 2 December 2016

Year 2 Bog Baby artwork

Children in Year 2 visited the art room to create work inspired by a story they have been reading in class, called 'The Bog Baby' by Jeanne Willis and Gwen Millward.

The children were already familiar with the text and had also visited our outdoor learning area to locate 'Bog Babies' and find out about different habitats. In the art room we looked at some of the illustrations in the book for inspiration.

Some children worked in groups to create the Bog Baby, they used blue resources to create a collage. Teamwork and cooperation were needed during this task, as it can often be tricky to produce art as a group. 
The children were encouraged to use different lines, shapes and textures in their work.

Another group of children were inspired by the shells in the book. We used pens to create different shell shapes, being careful to add detail with fine paintbrushes and watercolours once we had finished.

The final group of children chose to look at the different types of plants that were found in the illustrations.

 The children used different art media to create curling ferns and cow parsley, being careful to add detail to their work.

The children worked incredibly hard and can't wait to see their artwork on display in their classrooms.